Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Change is coming! Just read on the news  that Top Golf is going to build there new location just 2 miles from our shop.  It will be off  HWY121 and 35w.  We are also going to be getting 2000 plus new residents soon. Down the street here on Dalford all the old duplexes are gone and we are waiting for the new apartments and town homes to come in. While I am happy for the new development. I wonder about the loss of our community. Established in the 1940's, Scenic bluff is still a modest single family community. I like it here because everything is still so simple, All my Customers are great hard working people. They work hard take care of there families and love buying flowers for there homes and special occasions. I hope they can afford to stay in the area.
While on a Business level This is Great News. More people, More Traffic Means More Money and Customers, I still fear the loss of that community feeling.  I am now wondering how my old flower shop, with it's 1940's look, charm and feel will be next to all the new Modern storefronts and Mc Mansions that are soon to come.