Monday, January 6, 2014

Big Bad Blue

Good Evening, and Oh Yea Happy New Year.  I will start the new year by addressing a common question many customers ask.  " Do you have blue roses?"   I always answer,"yes".  Blue roses are not natural though,  every blue roses out there is either dyed or painted.  At Al-Medina Floral we always use paint to achieve this color rose, carnation or stock.  As these are the flowers that can be painted or dyed and still look good. In the photo are some baby blue roses for a customer. Baby blue was his girlfriends favorite color.  Flower paints and dyes are a wonderful tool florist use to fix faults or satisfy customer requests for specific colors.  The disadvantages of them are that it decreases the life of the flower and it is not a uniform color like a natural flower. I hope this helps answer the blue rose question. Remember Valentines Day is coming up. Place your orders early. and Yes, we can send your loved one blue roses.