Thursday, July 30, 2015

Indo/pak weddings

The Desi South Asian Wedding season is in full swing at the shop. Orders are coming in daily for the wedding Harr or wedding Garland. So for those who don't know much about South Asian Culture a Harr or Wedding Garland is a necklace of flowers worn around the neck of the bride and groom during there ceremony.  The most common request are roses and carnations. Some clients request all carnations.
or a mix of carnations and roses,
Back in the South Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Napal the Harr's are made with jasmine buds which are tied together with the strings. However here in the States This extremely fragarent flower is not available, and if imported would mean prices which no one is willing to pay.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Succulents!  I am amazed of the huge popularity of these little guys.  We are getting request left and right for these easy to care for drought resistant plants. Our designers have been busy trying to incorporate them in anything and everything. Customers are requesting them in floral wedding bouquets and corsages.
Potted succulents are especially popular right now. I mean whats not to love about the little guys. If in the home or at the office, just water once every 2 weeks and they are good to go. At the shop we have them all over the place and no matter where we put them they do just fine.

With over 2,000 different varieties to choose from its hard so see how anyone could get tired of  working and designing with them.