Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finding Happiness in a Sad World.

We are at all systems go here at the shop today.  Pretty much all the flower designs are Fall colors.  Reds, orange, yellow, bronze.  Our one wild card is a 1dz. purple Roses bouquet, from the " Luckiest Man in the world"  the card said. Lol.  Its nice to see Love is in the air, given all the doom and gloom of the government shut down now a days. That,s if anyone really notices, none of my customer seem to. Now for the sad part.  I had a funeral order for a baby yesterday, Man, they are always so sad.   I was amazed at the mothers calm and good spirit. She was truly happy and content with the short time we had with him. She asked me to make him a rocking horse made of flowers and feathers.  This project was a challenge but very fun.  Being a new Father myself, I cant imagine having to loose my little munchkin.  I wanted it to be great.  This is what i came up with
Mission accomplished she loved it. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello There! I think we can all agree.  Flowers are happy lively things. What else can soothe the grieving heart of a family member or friend who has passed,  or caused one to smile when they don"t normally.   As a Florist I experience, every day the Power of Flowers.  It is my hope in creating this blog to pass my experience of this power to anyone interested.  Today, the Power of  flowers, will celebrate the 2,573 best day of someones life,
 give a luck lady something to brag about at the office,
and give sympathy peace and comfort to a grieving coworker.

Nice! great day today.  Temps in the 80's. Fall is in the air.