Friday, August 14, 2015

Wanna Get Lucky!
O.k. People get your head out of the toilet. This is a clean pg rated blog. Got your attention though didn't it. I want to share an experience of mine. It shows just how powerful flowers can be. A customer of Al Medina Floral and Gifts recently went through a very messy divorce.  Her habit was to come and buy a flower bouquet for her moms grave at the funeral home down the street once a week.  I Noticed that for a few weeks she seemed quiet when picking up her flowers, usually she had something to say.  So I asked How are you, and if everything was o.k. That was when she told me of her divorce.  I listened and reassured her that all would be o.k.  After all everyone knows the old saying " life must go on". She came for two more weeks and after that She quit.  So after about 3 weeks of her not showing up for the weekly bouquet we
decided to just send her a bouquet of flowers with a note that said " Hope all is well from your friends at Al Medina Floral" .  The very next day we get a phone call from the customer,  Thinking us for the flowers and how happy she was to know that someone was thinking of her. Turns out that after the divorce she went into severe depression to the point that she was just staying in the house not wanting to go or do anything. What she told me next is why i am writing  to you.  She told me that the flowers I sent, just out of the blue, showed her that people do care which helped her to get out of bed and start enjoying her life again.  The lesson I have learned is care for others! if there is someone who you know is upset of acting different ask if they are o.k. Listen and don't judge. Its also good to give a little something, just for the sake of giving. If we can all do a little of this we are truly lucky in our lives and business.